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Polecraft log timber frame kits

Polecraft log timber frame kits come with the necessary components to assemble a sturdy skeleton superstructure comprised of: vertical peeled log poles, beams of partially sawn (one or two ripped flat sides) peeled log poles, diagonal and lateral bracing of standard dimensional lumber, rafters/fascia of standard dimensional lumber, and with 1"oak dowels and 5/8" bolts for fastening.

Customized dimensions and layouts are easily available with little price alteration as long as the timber frame bent (set of posts and a beam) system is not interrupted.  Spacing of posts and distances between bents may vary considerably, within certain parameters, without re-engineering.  In general,  this traditional European format of design lends well to designating bays between bents as a room or use area. This way the beams and posts frame the space.  Polecraft timber frame kits arrived at this style of architecture with the dual interest of providing stout, quality, efficient shelter and the well-being of timberlands in Northern California.   We use interlocking joinery techniques of time proven Old European half-timber frames, enhanced with modern bolted fastening, to make affordable a return to sturdy building components linked together cohesively and gracefully.  By using an array of specialty power and hand tools in a stream lined process from forest to shop, we have arrived at an efficient production line that makes fine craftsmanship available very affordably.

If you would like assistance in assembling the components of your Polecraft kit, or completing the other aspects of your structure sufficient to your purpose, please let us know.  We can connect you to additional building supplies that will enable you to build a complete structure to your liking. If your unit is intended to be utilitarian, agriculture, or animal shelter, you may need only to provide a peer foundation, roof sheathing and membrane, and some or no siding, to complete your structure. If your structure is intended to be a residence, work-space  or other occupancy, we can discuss with you good options for foundations, wall infill, roof substrate, and locations of windows, doors, utilities, etc.

  Our experience in construction has shown that great care should be taken in planning the site and assembly to maximize the structure's performance and longevity.  Contact us for consultation in strategic  sustainable design.  We can help you create a beautiful, functional, efficient building, which takes advantage of the forces of nature while alleviating the challenges they pose.  Thank you for making smart choices for our collective future on the crust of the earth.

Interlinking peeled log poles and dimensional lumber bracing is pre-cut and adapted for on site assembly into sturdy freestanding structures ready for a roof.

  • With each kit comes a series of smooth peeled log pole posts and beams, along with standard dimensional bracing lumber, and appropriate fasteners.
  • Posts are crafted with bracket slots cut at the bottom, half dovetail datos cut into the exterior side of frame for let-in  bracing lumber , and a tennon cut at the top.
  • Beams come with housed mortices cut out for post tennons, and flat sides rip-cut onto back and top for simple rafter attachment. 
  • Bracing is small diameter douglis fir poles or dimensional douglis fir 2x6 diagonal post to beam knee bracing, dimen. d.f. 2x8 diagonal post to post bracing, or 2x6  lateral post to post bracing, each end cut with half dovetails to be let-in from the back of frame.
  • With these framing components we include oak dowels for pegging the mortice and tennon beam to post and round poles knee brace connections, and lag bolts for securing the half dovetail joinery of bracing.
  • Posts are also available as log poles with exterior side ripped flat for simple attachment of a variety of flat siding.  We can also include pre-cut dimensional douglis fir rafters sized according to the project.
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