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Our Co-founders

Colin has worked in the construction trades for over 10 years, with previous experience in integrative landscaping.

He has dedicated himself to the study and mindful application of Natural Building, Permaculture Design, Eco-forestry, and Sociology.

Son of an architect and a physicist, his attention to detail coupled with a passion for smart buildings and landscapes has inspired him to produce exemplary structures combining the benefits of modern and ancient building techniques.

Elegant round-pole timber frame with straw bale infill constructions with robust contoured plasters are his specialty and have been featured in many of the projects he has led.

In addition to his familiarity with standard stud construction, he is also known for his use of a variety of natural building techniques involving local resources such as wood, clay, and rock. 


He champions keen observation, considerate visioning, and thorough planning, all tempered with good humor to allow long-term efficient function and beauty to emerge naturally.

Eric is a licensed building contractor in Northern California.  He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA.

Upon moving to Mendocino County in Northern California he began homesteading his property in 1989 and as a natural extension of his passion for the subject, started helping others homestead their properties.

He advocates keeping the goals of energy efficiency, affordability, and appropriate usage of local materials always in mind.

The appeal of using the small diameter trees that currently need to be thinned from many tracts of forests in Mendocino County has inspired him to use his drawing skills to manifest new tools and techniques for Polecraft Solution's unique approach to round-pole timber framing.

Using 3D modeling software has enabled him to have a more satisfactory dialog with clients by showing them a better approximation of how their final project will appear.

Other home building projects Eric has been involved in include homes and garden walls of rammed earth, straw bale homes, panelized yurt homes, and traditional stick framed homes.

Eric has also created custom details for homes including cabinetry, tables, entry gates, local hardwood floors, and various tile projects.

He and his wife Cindy enjoy seeing how hard work and dedication to sustainable living helps their community to thrive.

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