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Our experience in construction has shown that great care should be taken in site planning and structure assembly to maximize the structure’s performance and longevity.  Contact us for site visits and strategic design development.

Weather your structure is intended as a residence, workspace or other occupancy, together we can discuss good options for foundations, wall infill, roof substrate, locations of windows, doors, utilities etc.

If your project is intended for strictly utilitarian or agricultural use (an animal shelter for instance) you may only need to provide a pier foundation, roof sheathing and membrane, and some or no siding to complete your structure.

At Polecraft Solutions we can help you create a beautiful building that takes advantage of the forces of nature while alleviating the challenges they pose.

Our timber braced frames are building frame systems designed to withstand seismic forces (Recent research recommends using a seismic modification factor of 3), see article links below * **

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