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We find ourselves in an age of extraordinary potential. Never before has such a vast array of technologies and resources been so available for solving our personal and global challenges.  The great wealth of knowledge from many centuries has been researched, harvested and implemented by experienced and innovative builders to ascertain the best aspects from a wide breadth architecture and construction techniques in order to formulate a superior composition of affordable and appropriate dwellings.

With a core understanding that buildings should be aesthetic, durable, efficient and ecological, we have arrived through numerous exemplary projects at a combination of synergistic building modalities that deliver inexpensive superior quality structures, utilizing natural byproducts from conscientious land stewardship.


Aesthetics anchor
  • Polecraft buildings nourish their occupants with a timeless grace borrowed from Old European and early Colonial timber-frame structures, further enhanced with a Southwestern flair.

  • Simple, clear contours and yummy curved surfaces are not just pleasing to the eye and the soul, they also provide such practical benefits as consistently comfortable temperatures, gorgeous light quality, and naturally purified air.

  • Exposed timber-frame joinery embraces the occupants with a sturdy elegance that fortifies a sense of security and wellbeing.

  • “Live edge” timbers are hand peeled under specific conditions giving them a lustrous smooth surface that are soft on the eye and silky to the touch.

  • Natural plaster wall surfaces of clay, lime, or gypsum are easy on the environment and engage your senses imparting comfort and calm.

  • Earthen floors with their sumptuously smooth waxed finishes are available as an ecologically responsible alternative to concrete and help to ground you in a direct and constant connection with the Earth.


Durability anchor
  • Our tight-grained high-quality timbers are braced with time proven interlocking joinery giving the structure super durability, even under extreme weather and earth shake.

  • The un-severed surface grain of our logs is engineered by nature and needs no planing, sanding, or painting. The continuous fibers through the length of the pole provide superior tensile strength for extreme durability.

  • Added protection from thickly plastered straw bales or bamboo reinforced cob walls allow these buildings to prevail through the harshest of circumstances, soothing our senses at the same time.


Efficiency anchor

We’ve refined our designs and methods for ultra-efficiency from process to product in several ways.

  • Excellent passive heating and cooling provides consistent comfort and immense long-term savings. Residents consistently report no need at all for supplemental cooling and very minimal supplemental heating, even during extreme temperature swings.

  • Year round steady temperatures are achieved by using full surround insulating materials (straw or straw bale, etc.), thermal mass heat collection (earthen floors, heat storing masonry, etc.), and elimination of thermal bridging (conductive materials connecting interior and exterior surfaces).

  • Deep-set windows set in flared openings (pic) reflect and throw light for quality natural illumination.  Properly placed window orientation maximizes this effect and stimulates passive solar heating into high-mass floors insulated by pumice sub-fill.

  • With modern innovative tooling, these timbers are carefully selected and shaped by experienced, skilled craftsmen.

Ecological anchor


By utilizing forest stewardship Douglas fir thinnings, a great deal of milling and heavy equipment impact is reduced while alleviating forest stress and canopy fire threat.


With modern innovative tooling, these timbers are quickly cut in grouped series for streamlined production by experienced, skilled craftsmen.  Quality straw bales from conscientious rice farmers and recycled blow-in cellulose complete the insulating envelope, turning inexpensive by-products into valuable home resources.

By recognizing the immense potential around us in a time of unprecedented abundance, we make breath-taking beauty and outstanding performance affordable for almost everyone. In this era of ecological change, you are able to raise your standard of living and serve the health of the planet.

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