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Elegant and sturdy round pole framed gazebo, secured with hidden custom steel brackets, and mortise and tenon knee braces. Radial rafters surround center steel ring, capped with steel cupola (good for updraft exhaust of BBQ heat). This square structure has 4 posts spaced 10 feet 6 inches center to center, with eaves spanning a total of 14 feet 4 1/2 inches.


                                                   Kit Components


4 Log posts, 6-8 inches diameter, with 2 housed mortices for kneebraces.

4 Log beams, 7-10 inch diameter, with one flat side and housing for post top.

8 Kneebraces, 3-5 inches diameter, with 2 tenons.

4 Common (midspan) rafters, with notch for beam.

4 Hip (corner) rafters, with notch and hole for beam and bracket.

16 Purlins, full 2x6 rough sawn Douglas fir.



16 Beam to post lag screws, 3/16 inches x 10 inches.

4 Rafter to beam lag screws, 3/16 inches x 8 inches.

4 Steel corner brackets w/ nuts and washers.

1 Box bracket screws.

1 Cupola steel ring, 3/16 inch x 2 feet diameter.

1 Cupola steel cap.

4 Cupola cap bolts, 1/4 inch x 1 inch bolts with nuts and washers.

8 Cupola lag screws, 3/8 inch x 2 1/2 inches.

1 box  of 3 1/2 inch wood screws, for purlin attachment.


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